Reused-Selected Kids Wear Shop
to End the "Era of Disposing"

Teruki Yoshida


What is POST&POST?

  • The shop that reuses the high quality expensive children’s clothes.
  • Business collaboration with “Little Mama”, one of the most famous free magazines in Fukuoka.
  • Launched the Children’s formal clothes rental service.



Started the business collaboration with “Little Mama”, the biggest free magazine company in Fukuoka, and started pre-purchase of used clothes



Opened the first store, "POST&POST Hakata Folio Shop" in Kyushu area, Japan


The shop was broadcast on Kyushu Asahi TV


The business was broadcast on the Western Japan TV channel


Broadcast on “Saturday News File CUBE”, a TV program on Western Japan TV channel


The number of products purchase reached beyond 10,000 pieces


Nursery item rental service was on the Western Japan newspape


Started promotion on the business contract with 4 public and private kindergartens


The number of purchased used-kids clothes to change
consumers’ sense of disposing clothes


New Sense of “Used Select Shop”

“High price purchase” and “high quality used cloths” change the values of mamas

The concept of POST&POST is to create a shop where fashionable mamas who have not been to recycle shops before to enjoy shopping experience at. The Design which makes you forget that you are in a select shop. We sell the products in our shop perfectly controlling the stereotypical smells and wrinkles of used clothes. Wooden hungers and furniture shows the clothes more attractive.

Also, we succeeded in creating “overwhelming high-price purchase” by selling used clothes with quality-considered proper price unlike other recycle shops. We break the stereotype that recycle shops do not offer the proper purchase price, and distribute the used children’s clothes that had been lying in the closets for a long time to the markets.

“High price purchase” and “high quality used cloths” change the values of mamas

Where did the idea come from?

The environmental crisis of the earth that my son helped me open my eyes to.

I decided to start POST&POST business on January 2015 when my son was born. I was there during the delivery operation and I strongly felt that protecting my son would be my lifelong responsibility. There was a movie named Inconvenient Truth that touched my heart once. This movie speaks about the rise of CO2 in our planet which is speeding up the global warming.

The movie was about the changes on the global weather causing many worries such as “the global metropolis that will after 10 years cause a huge submerge that destroys the houses for more than 1 hundred million people around the world ”, “Unknown virus originated from tropics spread around the World”, and “the threats of torrential downpour and huge typhoon around the world.” The global weather crisis happening every year in the world has made me think as if the stories from the movies are coming to be real, which has been raising my sense of danger. And there I thought of establishing a business model that helps in reducing CO2 and changes the consumption behavior by producing “environment-friendly and attractive products”. And the best method is to change the sense of consumption behavior of Mamas by establishing POST&POST, “a reused selected children’s clothes shop.”


The World’s No.1 country throwing away stuffs is “JAPAN”

70% of the world’s incinerators are located in Japan

Do you know that Japan has the largest number of incinerators in the world? You may think that countries with large populations like China, India and America should take this place. But in fact, it is Japan that has 70% of the world’s incinerators. With the number of 1,893 Incinerators. As of today, the total amount of waste incineration related costs are said to be 1.8 trillion yen per year. It has become a big burden on the country. The world’s most “throwing-away-stuff” society is today’s Japan. This actually is not only the problem of a country, but also of all over the world. That is a problem affecting the global warming the world is watching carefully. Even if governments work on solving the global warming by proposing tax reduction for eco-cars or grants on energy-saving housings, the problem will not be solved as long as we keep on consuming the way we are now.

In order to make “Reuse” the main consuming culture, POST&POST propose a new consuming trend through launching the “Used Select Shop for kids clothes” targeting the mothers who have never been to recycle shop.


The ideal society the leader aims to create

Reused goods as the main stream

If we look back to the history, we had the most developed “recycling society" during the Edo era in Japan. Our ancestors at the time always fixed broken things, and used garbage as fertilizer. Edo city was admired as the cleanest city where you would not find a trash. “Why was the society able to work in that way?” It was thanks to the roles of “collectors” who gathered unused goods, “repairmen” who fixed broken things, and “recyclers” who recycled them.

POST&POST take the role of “collector”, “repairer”, and “recycler” through the reused children cloth business, and then change the consumption trend of people so that they start thinking that “Keeping things for long time” is better than “disposing them easily.” Our mission is to create the world where our children do not have to be afraid of abnormal environmental crisis.

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