Multicultural Share House to
Create the World without Prejudice

Lee Seiichi



  • The first social business established by Borderlesss Japan.
    It makes a nationality balance by joining residents as half foreigners and half native Japanese.
  • Branches in three countries and four regions around the world.
  • The number of the houses has reached beyond 120 houses with approximately 5000 tenants.
  • Planning on starting a new concept, “A housing business for single mothers.”



The business launched and opened the very first “Borderless House” in Oyama, Tokyo.

The business launched and opened the very first “Borderless House” in Oyama, Tokyo.


Established the 30th house in Shinagawa, Tokyo


It was broadcast on the World Business Satellite by TV Tokyo


Expanded the business in Soul, Korea

Expanded the business in Soul, Korea


Started the new service,“Free House Exchange” for the tenants


Started the new service,“Language Exchange” for the tenants


Expanded the business and started its operation in Taipei, Taiwan

Expanded the business and started its operation in Taipei, Taiwan


Started its service in Osaka, Japan


Established the 120th house Shin-Nakano 3 in Tokyo


The Total Number of the Tenants Who Shared the Perspective Without
Prejudice and Discrimination Through the Multicultural Living Condition


“Share House” with Lively Cultural Exchange

A Community Strengthens the Ties Among People

We place our focus on the quality of the community rather than just sharing a house and becoming able to provide great experiences that you can not acquire through living by yourself.

We are looking for new tenants based on our nationality balance criteria (Japanese: Foreign=5:5 or 6:4) to realize the balanced global space. Moreover, we set the ratio of Asians and Westerns in order to provide the multicultural and multilingual living condition.

Basically, the tenants are required to discuss, decide, and implement their own rules on their community life such as garbage dumping and house cleaning system in order for them to strengthen their relationships. By overcoming confrontations in their daily life, they create a real family-like community which leads to the development of their own community skills. Furthermore, to build a good relationship with local people we encourage them to make active communications with neighbors starting from daily greetings to participating in traditional local dance festivals held by the local community.


Where Did the Idea Come From?

Difficulty to Rent a Room and No Chance for Communication

There is a bunch of cases where you can not make contracts with housing agencies just because you are a foreigner. To solve this social problem, our company came up with the idea of this business model that we guarantee and rent houses from owners and rent them to foreigners. By making several researches, we came to understand the situation that foreign exchange students mostly meet only foreign students at school and hardly have opportunities to communicate with Japanese locals even though they live in Japan.

Also we thought that living with foreigners could be a good opportunity for Japanese youths who are not willing to travel or study abroad, and decided to start the business to give them the opportunity to get in touch with new values and different culture.

Where did the idea come from?

To Create the World without Prejudice

To Understand Different Culture Develops New Values

We provide “comfortable home” and “real communication with local communities” through house sharing that is “the space where foreigners and Japanese live together” to solve the prejudice of Japanese real estate industry which refrains from renting houses to foreigners only because they are foreigners resulting in a new fact that exchange students return to their countries without having the opportunities to get in touch with local Japanese communities.

It is also a valuable experience for Japanese youths to have cultural exchanges, learn more about different cultures and meet new people while living in Japan. We are also aiming to provide more Japanese people with the opportunities of coming in touch with local communities safely in other countries by expanding our business abroad and running more than 120 houses in Tokyo, Osaka, Korea, and Taiwan. On the other hand, we utilize existing housing resources and encourage communities with local tenants by reusing empty and old houses to become “share houses”.


The Ideal Society the Leader Aims to Create

The Real “Borderless” Society

Although a community life is full of “differences” such as customs, values, and cultures, we learn, understand and respect them after going through a bunch of confrontations to live in harmony with everyone. Through this experience, a wide value of perspective beyond border is formed. Our goal is to have youths all over the world become able to understand each other through the communal life, and being the foundation of the society to realize the world without prejudice and any kind of discrimination based on race, religion, gender or nationality.

To accelerate the creation of the ideal society, we will provide the housing services for the social and international community where anyone can travel and study abroad safely and actively by establishing the “community-centered international share houses.

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