Why Platform for
Social Entrepreneurs?

Kazunari Taguchi
Vice President
Masayoshi Suzuki

We Invest 30 million yen in Entrepreneurs
who Start Own Social Business

How can we solve more social problems?
Our answer was to create a “platform for the social entrepreneurs.”
However, it costs a lot to turn new ideas into a business. And there, we invest 30 million yen on entrepreneurs willing to create new social business. The company will give the backup capital for these leaders in order for them to concentrate on their business and change the society with their ideas in the shortest time.

“Social Business”
was Our Conclusion

In order to find solutions for social problems such as poverty, lack of job opportunities, and racial discrimination, it is common to choose donations, NGOs, or volunteers as the approach. However, these approaches often have some problems in terms of the economic sustainability, and take long time to solve the social problems. And there we came up with a new solution. It was to solve the problems with businesses. Through businesses with economic-sustainability, we can solve social problems sustainably and speedily. That is what social business is about.

The Reality that Social Entrepreneurs’
Success is Very Difficult

In order to make the social business succeed, it is fundamental to have the discriminated concept and contemplated business model. Also, once we start up a "social business", we cannot give up easily.

However, it is often quite difficult to do business with business-management and marketing while solving social problems, and said to be very hard to establish a social business from zero and lead it to success.

A Platform for Social Entrepreneurs

If it is difficult for social entrepreneurs to succeed, Borderless will become the platform for them and provide them with money, workforce, and know-how. Through establishing a social business by the use of Borderless, they will have 30 million of investment, the accumulated management know-how, and great experienced team members who also have the strong passion to “change the society.” And that will definitely boost the possibility of the business.

The Number of Social Entrepreneurs is
the Number of the Social Problems We Can Solve

The more entrepreneurs we have the more social business will be created, which will bring great social impacts. That’s why we will train 1,000 social entrepreneurs, and solve those problems. Business themes have no limits. We imagine that every passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneur becomes the leader of each social business and change the society with their dynamical work.

Each Business Leader Leads

Business leaders have the determination right on their business as President, and run the business as if it is an independent company. They will decide on the working hours of team members, the strategy they will adapt, as well as whom they will recruit. On that, they will grow up as a social entrepreneur and run their business speedily to achieve the ideal society they hope for.

Ready to Change the World?
We are Waiting for Your Business Idea to Change the World

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Board Members
Kazunari Taguchi
Taguchi was born in 1980 in Fukuoka, Japan. After he studied at the University of Washington, he graduated from the Waseda University and joined Misumi Group Inc. In 2006 he established the former limited company Borderless Japan. On March 2007, he became CEO of the current Borderless Japan Corporation.
Executive Vice President
Masayoshi Suzuki
Masayoshi Suzuki was born in 1979 in Yamaguchi, Japan. He acquired MBA from Yokohama National University. At the same year, he joined Misumi Group Inc. In 2007 he joined the former limited company Borderless Japan and currently is Vice President of Borderless Japan Corporation.
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