Organic Herb to Increase
the Poor Farmers' Income Level

Haruka Soga

AMOMA natural care

What is AMOMA natural care?

  • Organic Herbal Tea co-developed by midwives and a British Herbalist.
  • The number of customers reached 880,000 within five and a half year.
  • The amount of annual imported fair traded herbs from contract famers exceeded 30 tons.
  • The number of contract farmers in Myanmar exceeded over 95.
  • Operating in Japan, Korea, and China.



"AMOMA" Launched


The total number of customers exceeded 10,000


Won the first prize for the Maternity Food Ranking at Rakuten Market


Won the first prize for the Herbal Tea Ranking at Rakuten Market



Moved the office to Fukuoka to expand the business



Started the research for herb production in Myanmar


Started the test marketing in China


The total number of annual imported herbs exceeded 30 tons


AMOMA KOREAwas established


The information media, "AMOMA-Yomimono"launched


AMOMA CHINA was established


The number of the contract farmers in Myanmar exceeded 95

The number of the contract farmers in Myanmar exceeded 95


The Number of the Poor Farmers We Guarantee the Purchase through Fair Trade of Herbal Tea


For All Mothers with Beloved Children

Organic Herbal Tea Developed by Midwifes and a Herbalist

Along with the needed themes brought by Dr. Asai who is the leading person in the field of maternal care, British medical herbalists blended herbs so that mothers can drink it safely during their pregnancy and breastfeeding. We completed the perfect recipes under the reliable development schemes.

When drinking herbal tea, we pour the hot water directly on herb leaves. Therefore, if you use herb leaves containing agricultural chemicals, the chemicals will immediately spread around inside your cup. We believe that we should not take that kind of chemicals during the most sensitive period while thinking about our new born babies and their health. Therefore, we only use 100% organic licensed leaves or chemical-free ones. Furthermore, we control all the imported leaves in our own storage with appropriate temperature and humidity, and produce them with our contract factories in Japan.

AMOMA was admired the social oriented activities, and won the Social Products Award at the Social Products Award 2014.

For All Mothers with Beloved Children

Where Did the Idea Come From?

To Sell Fair-Traded Products and Alleviate Poverty in Developing Countries

AMOMA was established with the idea in August 2010. Although we contemplated lots of marketing methods on the theme of which products we can make purchase-guarantee out of 20 kinds of products, most of the products such as bananas and coffee were under high competencies in terms of the prices. As a small company without huge budget, we had to develop another approach.

After a lot of tries, we came to a conclusion that is “Product-development with high added value.” But what kind of value should we add? At that time, breast milk shortage of the wife of our company’s President gave us an answer to the question. We conducted some researches and found out that 70% of mothers had a trouble with shortage of breast milk during their breastfeeding period. It brought us a strong feeling that we want to help mothers who wish to grow their babies with their breast milk. From that point, with a hint of medical herbs generally used in Western world, we started developing products rapidly, and finally produced organic herbal tea made of fair-traded herbs.

Where did the idea come from?

Purchase-Guarantee through Fair-Trade

Increase the Income Level of Poor Farmers with Organic Herbs

AMOMA sets the business theme as increasing income of poor farmers through organic herb harvesting. Agriculture is the main industry in developing countries with poverty problems. In these regions, it does not steadily rain throughout the year as it does in Japan, and are suffering from poor soil caused by the water shortage.In this circumstance with poor soil, farmers cannot grow crops sold in market such as rice and vegetables, which causes decrease of their income.

Even though they are able to grow crops, there are many farmers who are suffering from unreasonable marginal fee by brokers. In addition, they might have to suffer from the health issue caused by the agricultural chemicals. In the end, all these factors push uneducated youths to go out to cities to make money for their family. Some of them end up to live in streets or slums without being able to find a job.

In order to end this poverty cycle, AMOMA encouraged farmers to grow organic herbs which do not need large amount of water, and guarantee the purchase of all products. We are aiming to create the situation that farmers can ensure stable income.

Purchase-guarantee through Fair-Trade

The Ideal Society the Leader Aims to Create

To Provide Stable Income with Poor Farmers in Developing Countries for Their Economic Self-Dependency.

AMOMA provides stable income to poor farmers and supports economic self-dependency through technical supports on herb cultivation and continuous purchase guarantee system. Furthermore, we are hoping to establish a factory to extract and produce essential oil as well as carrier oil from the herb leaves grown by the farmers so that we can create non-seasonal jobs for them.

Caring about own health for babies and thinking about babies’ future are likely to change the commercial attitude of mothers during pregnancy. We would like mothers to try AMOMA products and know that their purchases support the lives of poor farmers in developing countries. We believe that it will create the society with new commercial attitudes where it is well recognized to “do shopping in order to alleviate poverty in developing countries.” Moreover, we are hoping to realize the society where mothers pass the stories to their children and next generations.

The ideal society the leader aims to create
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