Custom-made Leather Products to Train
Craftsmen in Developing Countries

Masayoshi Suzuki


What is JOGGO?

  • The first website in Japan specialized in custom-made leather products.
  • Won the “Social Products Prize” at the Social Products Award 2014.
  • Opening temporary stores in various places including Hakata Amu Plaza, Hankyu Umeda, Maruai Annex and etc.
  • “Express delivery option” made it possible to shorten the regular delivery time from 3 weeks to 2 weeks.



Established the business and launched the first custom-made leather products online shop in Japan

Established the business and launched the first custom-made leather products online shop in Japan


Won the Social Products Prize 2014

Won the Social Products Prize 2014


Opened online shop on the Rakuten market (The shop closed on November 2015)


First temporary store was opened in Hakata Amu Plaza, Fukuoka


The number of products had exceeded 20 kinds


Temporary store was opened in Shinjuku Marui Annex, Tokyo


革製品のカスタムオーダーギフトを創れる『JOGGO ~Custom Order Gift~』にコンセプトを変更

The concept had changed to custom order gift of leather products, “JOGGO ~Custom Order Gift~"


Temporary store was opened in Shinjuku Maruimen, Tokyo



The number of products reached 1000 kinds, and the number of the professional craftsmen in Bangladesh reached 20 persons


Established its own media, "JOGGO PRESS" as a media to support finding the best gifts


Temporary store was opened in Hankyu Umeda, Osaka


“Express service” was launched temporarily to deliver products in less than 2 weeks (normally it takes 3 weeks)


The Number of the Professional Leather Craftsmen Producing
a Variety of Custom-Made Products in the Bangladesh Factory.


Special Gifts with Custom-Order

Producing Billions Ways of Tailor-Made Leather Products

“I want to make my own special leather items, not mass-produced ones.” “I want to send special gifts filled with my love.” JOGGO makes it possible for these customers to design their own leather items such as a wallet and card case with the custom page on our website, and easily create “the only one original leather gift” in the world.

Whichever products they choose, they can customize at least 4 parts with 12 patters of colors, which makes it possible to combine millions and even billions patterns of designs.

Usually, custom orders are expensive and take long time to be delivered. With JOGGO, our customers can make their orders through the website, which will be directly transferred to and confirmed by our professional craftsmen in Bangladesh. Because they start producing immediately after they receive the orders, the delivery period is shorter than usual, and we became able to provide the products at the same prices as regular leather products.


Where Did the Idea Come From?

The World-Class Leather Craftsmen

In 2011 as a result of meeting Farouk Hussain, the current manager of the factory in Dhaka – Bangladesh, and listening to what he said about the poverty problem, the idea of this business came to light. Firstly, we made experimental businesses such as “purchasing honey produced by female farmers,” “coconuts soap factory,” and other businesses for several years. However, we faced many issues such as the supplying amount and problems in the producing areas. After 2 years, we finally came to a conclusion which was to use the cowhide that was common to be thrown away after locals use cow meat during a big festival throughout the year. With cowhide, we can ensure a large amount of material supplies, as well as creation of a large number of employments for the unemployed poor through its production.


Offering the Work Motivation

Tailor-Made Orders to Develop Technical Capabilities of Craftsmen

JOGGO is the business that responds to both the problems of poverty and work conditions in Bangladesh. Bangladesh suffers from cheap labour and mass production of cheap products on production lines that result in lowering the salaries and declining workers’ motivation. Therefore, this leather business works on restoring our employees’ motivation toward their work and the environment with stable work conditions.

Unlike regular productions, the custom-made production let the costumer choose their preferable design and then a worker produces the item by the most suitable sewing method, which helps in increasing their technics rapidly. We work on providing job opportunities to women who often face discrimination at work place and also creating work environment where the workers from poor families can support their family.

We won the “Social Product Prize” at the Social Products Award 2014 for the social activities and unique designs of JOGGO.


The ideal society the leader aims to create

Training Leather Craftsmen Who Can Sense the Joy of Their Work

The process of producing tailor-made leather is quit complicated and requires creativity, which provides the creative environment and raise the motivation of the workers. The factory is the place where our employees are recognized not only as a simple worker but as a professional craftsman in the society, which allows them to enjoy seeking their dreams and goals.

Also, by providing “the only one leather item in the world” to our customers, we are hoping to sprout people’s “heart to cherish things eternally” as much as possible. Therefore, we have unlimited “Repair Support Service” for our customers. Our professional craftsmen can handle scratches and dirt the leather gets by time. You do not have to throw away the precious items broken after years, and can keep them eternally with the feeling your hand still remembers. We hope our concept and activities become the chance for our customers to have the idea of cherishing things for longer time and more carefully.

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