Logistics Infrastructure to Deliver
Goods to Marginalized Poor Villages

Ayana Kato



  • President Ayana Kato established Borderless Link just 8 months after she joined Borderless Group.
  • To deliver the daily necessities with proper price to the poor marginalized villages suffering from lack of distribution network.
  • Currently the villagers getting benefit from our distribution service reached beyond 5,000 people.
  • The number of villages under our distribution network is more than 20.



Ayana Kato launched Borderless Link in Myanmar

Ayana Kato launched Borderless Link in Myanmar


The number of distributing goods reached beyond 100 kinds


Borderless Link warehouse was built


It expanded the distribution network to 10 villages


Microfinance project started


The number of distributing goods reached beyond 200 kinds

The number of distributing goods reached beyond 200 kinds


It expanded the distribution network to 20 villages


Number of villagers meeting their daily necessities
brought by the distribution network


Distribution network for marginalized areas in Myanmar

Logistics infrastructure for isolated villages without daily necessities

Borderless Link delivers goods to shops or builds new shops for the villages where people are not able to buy goods even though they need it. As always happens in this kind of areas, villagers have to buy daily goods by higher price resulting from the doubled distribution costs due to the distance from cities. In order to solve the high costs, we purchase a large amount of goods by lower price in big cities and directly distribute them to villages. In addition, we deliver the local products and harvests from the villages to the cities on the way back, which helps farmers to access to market and make income.

Distribution network for marginalized areas in Myanmar

Where did the idea come from?

To change the “BOP penalty”

In developing countries, there are many people who are not able to find the path out of poverty. The situation is much worse in the marginalized areas where people are not able to find minimum living standard with lacking enough cloth, food, and housing. Due to the BOP penalty or poverty, they have to face disadvantages such as low quality and expensive daily goods as well as no access to ordinary products and services. In these villages, people often confront many difficulties such as children quitting school, getting a serious disease due to lack of medication, as well as working away from home and not knowing where family members are. Borderless link started the distribution business in order to lower the living expense, create employment and increase income, and make opportunities for villagers so that they can pave the path on their own.


To deliver daily necessities at the proper price

Life-line networking marginalized villages

People in marginalized areas often find it difficult to access to daily necessities and public services. It is not easy to get real necessities in their hands such as medicines because the price of goods is more expensive than those in cities as a result of the high distribution costs. Sometimes they have to walk for 6 hours on unconstructed path, and other times they have to pay unaffordable transportation fee. We solve the unfair situation, connect the villages suffering from poverty due to the lack of distribution network, and deliver necessities by the proper price.


The ideal society the leader aims to create

To create the fair world where people can challenge their possibilities freely

If they are born in a poor village in a developing country, they face the situation where children have to quit school even though they don’t want. In order to earn living, children have to work in their early ages. In spite of the low income, the price of daily goods such as foods is expensive, and they cannot find even a medicine. Therefore, we will create the world where people can live at the fair living standard, and can pave the way for their possibilities on their own wherever they are born in.

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