Children Wear Business
to End the Child Labour in Bangladesh

Masato Nakamura

What is Corva?

What is Corva?

  • Owning 5 shops in Tokyo, Chiba (Kashiwa-shi, inzai-shi), Fukuoka (Fukuoka-shi, Chikushino-shi).
  • Temporary stores in several shopping malls such as Hakata Hankyu and Daimaru.
  • In 2016, we opened Apparel- sector in our own Bangladesh factory.



Launched an online store selling “Mama/Kids matching aprons”


Started selling Matching T-shirts for brothers and sisters

Started selling Matching T-shirts for brothers and sisters


Opened the first store in Fukuoka Marinoa-city

Opened the first store in Fukuoka Marinoa-city


Started selling matching cloth for babies and kids

Started selling matching cloth for babies and kids


Opened the second store in Daikanyama, Tokyo


Enlarged the size range (11 size ranges from size 60 to 150 and Adults’ S M L)


Opened a temporary store in Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin


Opened the fifth store in Chikushino Aeon Mall


Started the operation in our own factory in Bangladesh

Started the operation in our own factory in Bangladesh


Opened a temporary store in Hakata Hankyu, Fukuoka


The Number of Employees Producing Clothes to Solve Child Labor
Problem in Bangladesh


Kids Wear for Families to Enjoy Matching Style

The Concept of Matching Clothes for Families and Siblings

It gives the feeling of unity and warmth to wear the same clothes with family. However, the concept of matching clothes was only familiar among brothers and sisters. Corva created a new concept of making matching clothes for parents and their kids as well as kinds and babies which was uncommon before.

Of course it can be brother/sister matching as usual.
We are also offering reasonable prices of our products. Children grow up very fast while we still want them to be our kids. Therefore, we would like you to enjoy the family stylish matching with Corva, and spend the precious moment that you can’t probably have after they have grown up.


Where Did the Idea Come From?

Child Labor We Have Witnessed in Bangladesh

As other businesses of our company such as JOGGO and Business Leather Factory, we started Corva after listening to the situation of child labor in Bangladesh from Farouk Hossein, the representative of Bangladesh factory. When we actually visited Bangladesh, I realized from the first sight that the large number of children working in factories was huge. The children we met in every factory we visited had very little facial expression, we could not sense the innocence of childhood from them at all. We believe that the country is its people. And that when you start working from a very young age you will lose the ambition towards life and you will stay negative. And there, we had to come up with a business where the parents get paid well and they don’t have to make their children work anymore. It was a very strong feeling.

“Corva” is the apparel brand that utilizes both competitive cost and sewing technics of Bangladesh to produce children’s wear. That is why Corva can never decrease the sales amount. Our mission is to increase sales amount and create as many employment as possible.


In Order to End Child Labour

To Enable Children to Go to School

There are many children from poor families in Bangladesh have to work instead of going to school in order to support the households. It will be difficult for these children to get a stable job when they grow up and they get stuck in the poverty cycle. Corva has established children apparel sector in our factory in Bangladesh where the parents of poor families are most welcomed to get hired to create an environment where their children become able to go to school.


The Ideal Society the Leader Aims to Create

A Society Where Producers, Costumers and the World are Happy with

We are aiming to create a society where no one has to give sacrifices in order to make another one happy, and the society where everyone is living happily. Most of our customers are parents who have small children. Right after a baby is born, parents start to think about the baby’s health and future. At the point where parents start to pay attention to their kids’ future, we would like our customers to be aware of social issues through our products and their background. Consumption is similar to voting. If people start to care and think about the background of the products they are buying and taking some actions instead of only purchasing low-cost products, and then we can make the world better. If we stop buying products made by companies using child labor in their factories, then those companies will have no other way but to stop letting children work.

Corva aims to create the society with the Japanese traditional commercial idea called Sanpo-yoshi, which means all three players including customers, producers, and the society are all happy and satisfied with the business.

The ideal society the leader aims to create
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