Organic Agriculture
to Resolve Farmer’s Poverty Cycle

Sayaka Tasaki



  • Consistently carrying out from production to sales of organic foods, mainly on herbs.
  • Number of farmers growing herbs exceeded 95 at Linlea village.
  • Guarantee farmers' stable income by purchasing agricultural crops in full quantity at reasonable prices.



Started field investigation in Myanmer



Started AMOMA's herb cultivation business in full-scale in Myanmar



Started test cultivation at model farm in Myanmer Linlea village



Number of farmers growing herbs exceeded 43 at Linlea village.


Number of farmers growing herbs exceeded 95 at Linlea village.


Started export sample to Japan.



Support Poor Farmers in Myanmer with Organic Agriculture

Guarantee purchasing full quantity at reasonable prices.

We are cultivating crops mainly for organic herbs that do not use pesticides at all for poor farmers in Myanmar Linlea village.
Traditionally, farmers had problems not able to sell at reasonable price and no selling point even if they made it. Furthermore, by using a large amount of pesticide, many farmers suffered from health damage and had a lot of debts. In order to solve such problems, we provide technical guidance on organic agriculture and conduct thorough cultivation management.
By purchasing all the harvested foods at the reasonable price, farmers can get stable income and improve their standerd of living. Furthermore, by thoroughly grasping where and where they cultivated, we have realized safe and safe products that make the face visible.


Where Did the Idea Come From?

Chronic Poor Problems of Farmers

BORDERLESS FARM began as part of AMOMA's herb cultivation business. The main industry of Linlea village where we are farming is tobacco leaf which is the raw material of cigarettes. Because tobacco leaves are not merchandise when there is worm eating, most of the farmers are paying large debts to buy pesticides.

Because farmers do not have sufficient education, it is difficult to find jobs in urban areas, and their children also can not go to school and have to go for migration. In order to eliminate such a vicious circle, BORDERLESS FARM began cultivating herbs with high added value that are easy to cultivate even in bad condition.


For Farmers' Economic Independence

What Agricultre can do?

Many people suffering from poverty in Myanmar and other developing countries are "farmers". Also, there are many people who have come out of rural areas without jobs to urban slums. To solve such a vicious circle, the economic independence of farmers is indispensable.

First of all, in order to cultivate continuously and have sellers persistently, BORDERLESS FARM is leading to economic independence by providing cultivation guidance and directly purchasing agricultural crops. We will create an environment that allows agriculture to be continued not only through cultivation of herbs but also through cultivation of crops suited to the land and climate.


Ideal Society that a President Aim for

The World that Allow Economically Independent in Agriculture

"I grow cultivated crops, but we do not have anything to eat"
While people growing crops to eat, they have no food, no money, can not go to school. We will support such situation by providing stable and continuous organic crop cultivation guidance and guaranteeing purchase at reasonable price. And I want to make it a society that farmers are proud themselves as a farmer.

There are many similar situations in Myanmar as well as other Asian countries and countries such as Africa. We will expand our business in Myanmar as soon as possible so that we can work with farmers all over the world making use of this mechanism in Myanmar and make the world where farmers worldwide will not suffer from poverty.

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