Establishment Mar. 2007
Location 【JAPAN】Tokyo Head Office
6F Yaesuitchigaya bld 2-17 Ichigayatamachi Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, 162-0843 Japan
TEL : 03-5227-6980

【JAPAN】Fukuoka Office
4-14-1 Tanotsu Higashiku Fukuoka city, Fukuoka 813-0034, Japan
TEL : 092-292-5791

【JAPAN】Osaka Office
#822 1-13-38 Nishimotocho Nishi-ku Osaka city, Osaka 550-0005, Japan
TEL : 06-4393-8747

【KOREA】Soul Office
4F, 48, Saemal-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, 152-862 Korea
TEL : 82-2-363-5321

【BANGLADESH】Dakkha Office
Dosaid College Road, Banglobari Area, Dosaid,
Ashulia, Savar, 1349 Dhaka TEL : 088-02-9028929

【TAIWAN】Taipei Office
〒100 台北市中正區許昌街42之1號7F
TEL : +886-2-2370-1125

【MYANMAR】Taunggyi/Naungshwe Office
No75/9 Ngwe Thaw Tar Rd, Ye Aye Qwin Qtr. Taunggyi, Shan state
Nandawon Qrt. Part 1,Naungshwe Township, Southern Shan State.
Capital 10,000,000 Yen
Closing day End of Feb.
Board Member CEO Kazunari Taguchi
Executive Vice President Masayoshi Suzuki
Total Number:468 (Including two board memebers, at the time of November, 2015)
【Full Time】 395
Tokyo / 30 Fukuoka / 42 Osaka / 2 
Korea / 7 Bangladesh / 301 Myanmar / 10 Taiwan / 3

【Part Time】 73
Tokyo / 21 Fukuoka / 49 Korea / 1 Taiwan / 2


Multicultural Share House to Create the World without Prejudice
Organic Herb to Increase the Poor Farmers' Income Level
Leather Factory to Create Employment for the Poor in Bangladesh
Children Wear Business to End the Child Labour in Bangladesh
Custom-made Leather Products to Train Craftsmen in Developing Countries
Business Leather Products to Create Employment in Bangladesh
“Agricultural Total Support” Business for small-holder farmers in Myanmar
Reused-Selected Kids Wear Shop to End the "Era of Disposing"


Mar. BORDERLESS JAPAN CORPORATION was established in Tokyo
May. Rental Brokerage Business, “Oheya-Sagashi Concierge” started
May. Share House Business,"BORDERLESS HOUSE" started
Jul. Home Stay Business,"BORDERLESS FAMILY" started
Jan. Share House Business started the contracted management of the houses
Jun. Tokyo Head Office moved the location for the expansion of the business
Aug. Fair Trade Business, "AMOMA natural care" started
Jun. AMOMA Rakuten Shop won the First place for the RAKUTEN Maternity Food category
Nov. Started the business research in Bangladesh
Aug. Fukuoka Office opened in Fukuoka, Japan
Dec. Korea Office opened in Soul
Study-Tour Business, "BORDERLESS FIELD" started
Mar. Relocation of the Korea Office for the expansion of the business
May. Establishment of 100% subsidiary company, "BLJ Bangladesh Corporation" in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Aug. Fukuoka Office moved the location for the expansion of the business
Sep. Korea Office moved the location for the expansion of the business
Dec. Brother/Sister Matching Kids Wear Business, "Corva" started
Jan. Custom-made Leather Product Brand to Train Craftsmen in Developing Countries, JOGGO" started
Feb. Tokyo Office moved the location for the expansion of the business
May. Genuine Leather Business Item Brand, "Business Leather Factory" started
OEM Business to Accelerate the Creation of Employment in Bangladesh, "BORDERLESS FACTORY" started
"AMOMA" and "JOGGO" won the Social Products Award 2014
Apr. In order to create the Platform for Social Entrepreneurs, "Internal Decentralization" was implemented
Aug. Organic Herb Production Business started in Myanmar
Dec. VOD Distribution Service for social documentary movies, "BORDERLESS PEOPLE" started
Professional group specialized in marketing,"Profit Center" was established
Jan. Won the"RAKUTEN SHOP OF THE YEAR 2014" with our social businesses
Profeccional group specialized in Designing, "Creative Design Center" was established
Feb. Establishment of 100% subsidiary company, "Borderless Korea Co.,Ltd." in Soul, Korea
“Agricultural Total Support” Business for small-holder farmers in Myanmar, "BORDERLESS LINK" started in Myanmar
Jun. Osaka Office opened in Osaka city, Japan
BORDERLESS HOUSE launched "Home Stay" Service
Jul. "Social Business Lab" was established to conduct research and publication of Social Business
Kids Wear Recycle Business, "POST&POST" started
Jan. Business Leather Factory won the "RAKUTEN SHOP OF THE YEAR 2015 CSR Award"
Feb. AMOMA won the "RAKUTEN SHOP OF THE AREA 2015 Kyusyu/Okinawa Area Award"
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