Leather Factory that produces
employment to vulnerable people in Bangladesh

BLJ Bangradesh Corporation
Faruk Hossain

BLJ Bangradesh Corporation

About BLJ Bangladesh Corporation

  • Aiming to Employee especially the socially vulnerable for Bangladesh of job creation
  • Break through the 391 people of employment number of people
  • BLF, JOGGO, BORDERLESS FACTORY, Corva of each business the commodity production
  • Cumulative production number reached above 200,000



Decision taken to set up a Leather Goods Factory (SLG) in Bangladesh.


Bangladesh representative: Mohammad Faruk Hossain went for training in a leading leather goods manufacturing company in Japan.


The Ideal Society the leader aims to create

BLJ Bangladesh Corporation Company was formed.


OEM first order which was leather Pen Case, started production and Shipment on January-2014.


Custom made order under the brand name “JOGGO ~Custom for Gift~” production start.


Business Leather Factory, BLF ” production started.


estimated production was 10000 pcs.



to meet the growing demand of customer business was expanded and the factory was relocated in a new place which is 10times bigger factory than the previous.


started production of "Borderless Factory"


cumulative production quantity was 50,000 pcs


Employees Number: more than 100 persons

Number of employee was more than 100.


Cumulative production reached more than 100,000 pcs


Leather bag production started. On September-2015, Number of employee reached to more than 200.


Number of employee reached to more than 200


Employees Number: more than 300 persons

Number of employee reached to more than 300.


Cumulative production was more than 200,000 pcs


Apparel factory “CORVA” was set up and started production


The Number of Employees Responsible for Both the Leather
Products and Apparel Sewing in the Bangladesh Factory


To be a world a NO.1 factory from Bangladesh

Technical guidance from zero to adopt a socially vulnerable on a priority basis

In our leather factory, we make an opportunity especially for vulnerable, who is struggling under unemployment problem, who is lasing children own self, and who is coming from countryside to get better income for supporting family. Without having experience, though you can get working opportunity, gaining under minimum wage very cheep construct or even you won't get get none of chance if you gone for another factory in Bangladesh. In our factory, we employ and teach them from very beginning. Though it requires long term and continues effort, we try to produce “professional craftsman”.

They are “high skilfull professional craftsman” as they can produce high quality products. In the future, we are planning to develop living environment, education college and childcare system for those who works in our factory. Not only making job opportunity, but also we aim toward to make a precious, and honorable working environment which would be a worldwide role model as everyone willing to work in that factory indeed.

We Aim to Make Bangladesh Factory the Leading Factory in the World!

Background of how we established leather business

To be proud of what you are working on

In Bangladesh, we have more than 160 million people in such a tiny landscape. Due to the huge population, we are facing to large number of unemployment rate. Also, the working environment isnt under the best condition, for example, over long time working, unpaid wages and so on. CEO of BLJ Bangladesh co.ltd, Faruk Hossain joined Borderless Japan aspiring to solve the poverty. After thinking to various business projects, as focusing on helpless people in city, this leather brand business has established.

Where Did the Idea Come From?

Fusion of Bangla and Japanese technology

Raw materials only Bangladesh leather

Bangladesh is predominantly Muslim country. Religious festival called “Eid” will be opened once a year. In this festival, those slaughtered livestock,such as cattles also dedicated to Allah. Therefore, as well as the beef is large amount of distribution consumption, a large amount of cowhide will occur. By the introduction of technology from developed countries in Bangladesh, this cowhide and development "leather tanning" industries that processed into leather, it has become a leading leather exporter in the world. However, from the leather as a raw material of various types of leather, put bags and business cards, a technique for manufacturing and processing to the final product, such as a wallet is poor, the added value of Zhu domestic Bangladesh had become a small.

Thus, BLJ Bangladeh Corporation has started to corroborate Japan's leather production technology with the competitive "leather" industry to carried out until the production of the final product in Bangladesh factory, a system to deliver a reasonable products to our customers with high quality, has built.

Merging Technics of Japan and Bangladesh

Society of ideal directed by business leader

To be able to have dream, and make it come true

For those who was suffering from poverty, to survive the day was all on a daily basis. Therefore, though we ask about the "dream" of each of the fresh staff when they enter the factory, it will not easily answered . BLJ Bangladesh Corporation aim toward to create a lot of employment, while helping not only obtain a stable income, but also in order to be able to draw a "dream" of their own. We dream to have that type of platform where member will have dream and they work hard toward that dream everyday. Under such circumstances , we want to solve the Bangladesh of the social problems in their own hands , the fellow that , and the support to continue to commercialize their ideas to management . When they began to efforts towards its success , Bangladesh situation believe that will change even greater.

The Ideal Society the Leader Aims to Create
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