“Agricultural Total Support” Business
for small-holder farmers in Myanmar

Tomoaki Inui



  • Aiming at solve the poverty cycle in the rural areas in Myanmar
  • Operating “Agricultural Total Support” social business to increase farmers’ income
  • To create the world where anyone can have a hope and dream wherever they are born in.



Ayana Kato launched Borderless Link in Myanmar

Ayana Kato launched Borderless Link in Myanmar


The number of distributing goods reached beyond 100 kinds


Borderless Link warehouse was built


It expanded the distribution network to 10 villages


Microfinance project started


The number of distributing goods reached beyond 200 kinds

The number of distributing goods reached beyond 200 kinds


It expanded the distribution network to 20 villages


It started the new social business model “Agricultural Total Support”


Number of villagers meeting their daily necessities
brought by the distribution network


“Agricultural Total Support” for small-holder farmers in Myanmar

To broaden the possibility of Myanmar’s poor farmers.

It is said that more than 60% of the population of Myanmar makes a living in agriculture and more than half of them are small scales farmers. Their problem is not only having small farm. They have various problems such as high interest rates by moneylenders, lack of technical knowledge of agriculture, difficulty of accessing markets. These problems make farmers not be able to get out of a poverty cycle. In order to solve these problems, our company is providing ‘Agricultural total support’ through before-seeding to after-harvest, which is composed of microfinance, delivery of agricultural materials, agricultural technics advice, and crop sales support.

Distribution network for marginalized areas in Myanmar

Where did the idea come from?

Aiming at increasing income of farmers

Small scales farmers in rural areas in Myanmar suffer from a lot of problems due to low income. For instance, In the rural areas, many of the children are not able to attend junior high schools. Also, many of the farmers do not have access to safe water and electricity, and some families fall apart because of working apart from home. These are just some examples. Our family farmers who always treat us with a big smile and warm heart suffer from many problems in their lives. After we had been witnessing so many hardship of farmers in rural area for three years through operating our delivery business, we decided to start our agriculture total support business to increase their income and end the poverty cycle.


What is the business model?

To break the difficulties for small-holder farmers

Small-holder farmers in Myanmar often face the similar difficulties through their farming. We found three main problems which making the farmers’ income low. First one is the “cash problem.” When these small-scale and low-income farmers start the season, most of them need to borrow some money from money lenders by high interest. Second is the lack of agricultural knowledge and technics. They have been relying on the “old way” which is not necessarily the best and most efficient way. Third one is the market access. The distance and the lack of information doesn’t allow them to sell the products with the best price. We are attacking these three barriers through micro finance, technical support, and market support by locating our “village manager” in every village.


The ideal society the leader aims to create

To create the society where small scales farmers can live happily

BORDERLESS LINK is going to contribute to increase revenue of farmers and creating a sustainable society by agricultural total support business based on organic agricultural technics. There is a poverty cycle that is people who are born in a poor family in a developing country become impoverished and poor remain poor throughout their lives. There are a lot of people who are not able to have a hope for the future in the world. We aim at realizing society where everyone is able to broaden the possibilities of themselves wherever they are born.

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